2/1: NYS Economy: Climbing Out of the Fiscal Basement?

Registered voters in New York State may be seeing a small crack in the state’s overcast economic conditions.  More voters statewide still view the state’s economy as getting worse than view it as getting better.  However, fewer voters, than previously, say New York’s economy is deteriorating.



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About three in ten voters — 31% — currently view New York’s economy as getting worse while about one in five — 19% — perceive it as getting better.  Half of the electorate — 50% — thinks the Empire State’s economy is about the same as it has been in the past.

When Marist last reported this question at the end of September, 46% believed the state’s economy was getting worse, and 12% said it was improving.  About four in ten — 42% — thought New York’s economy was on a level plain.

“Things are looking better for the New York State economy,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “But, there’s nothing to write home about just yet.”

Regionally, the biggest change has occurred upstate.  37% of upstate voters still report New York’s economy is declining, but that’s an 18 percentage point drop from Marist’s previous survey when 55% had this view.

Voters in New York State also think their family finances have leveled off.  A majority — 54% — say they expect their personal family finances to stay about the same in the coming year.  More than one in four — 27% — think they will get better while 19% expect them to get worse.  Little has changed on this question since September.  At that time, these proportions stood at 58%, 26%, and 16%, respectively.

Table: New York State Economy
Table: New York State Economy Over Time


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Table: Family Finances in the Coming Year
Table: Family Finances in the Coming Year Over Time


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The Great Divide: the NYS Economy

When it comes to the future of the New York State economy, voters divide.  Nearly half — 49% — think the worst is behind us while 47% say the worst is yet to come.  Four percent are unsure.

There is a partisan divide on this question.  While a majority of Democrats — 56% — think the worst is behind us, a majority of Republicans — 57% — believe there is more bad news on the economic horizon.  A slim majority of non-enrolled voters — 52% — report the worst is over and better days are ahead.

Table: NYS Economy – Will It Get Worse?

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