Super Bowl Predictions, Feb 2018

Marist National Poll

A plurality of Americans, 39%, say they are rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl this Sunday. 26% want the New England Patriots to be victorious, and a notable 29% are not cheering for either of the two teams. Six percent are unsure.

Both teams hail from the Northeast, and the Eagles are the regional favorite. 45% of Northeast residents want the Eagles to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Fewer, 29%, back the Patriots. Regardless of region, a plurality of Americans want to see the Eagles win the Super Bowl. Notable proportions of residents in the West, 33%, Midwest, 31%, South, 28%, and Northeast, 21% do not have a favorite in the game.

“Having lost in their two previous Super Bowl appearances and the last time to the Patriots, many Americans are hoping the third time is the charm for the Philadelphia Eagles,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “If last year, though, is any indication, the game may go down to the wire.”

Despite the lackluster support for the Patriots, many Americans, 60%, including 59% of those rooting for the Eagles, think the Patriots will win on Sunday. Only 22% say the Eagles will rule the day, and 18% are unsure. Regardless of demographic group, at least a majority think the Patriots will claim their sixth Super Bowl victory.

The ongoing controversy over NFL players protesting the national anthem looms large over the league, and the issue is a divisive one going into Sunday’s game. 48% of Americans believe athletes playing in the Super Bowl should be allowed to kneel if they choose. 47% think they should be required to stand. Five percent are unsure.

Americans who are rooting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, 53%, those who earn $50,000 or more annually, 52%, have a college degree, 58%, are under the age of 45, 60%, are Democrats, 73%, or African American, 83%, are more likely than their counterparts to say players should be allowed to kneel.

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