12/8: Slight Bounce in Obama’s Policy in Afghanistan

47% of registered voters nationwide approve of how President Barack Obama is handling the war in Afghanistan while 43% disapprove.  There has been a slight improvement for the president on this question since Marist last asked it October.  At that time, 43% approved while 45% disapproved.

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There has also been a slight change in support among the parties.  More Republican voters currently support the president’s actions in Afghanistan compared with Marist’s October survey.  32% say they approve of his management while 24% thought this way two months ago.  Mr. Obama has also received greater backing from Independent voters.  Independents currently divide with 46% saying they agree with the president and 47% reporting they disagree.  In October, 39% approved of how the president was dealing with the war while 51% disapproved.

However, the president’s base is eroding.  Although a majority of Democrats still approve of how President Obama is managing the conflict, fewer voters in this group view his handling of the war positively. 58% support the president’s plan today compared with 62% two months ago.

Table: Handling the War in Afghanistan
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