12/2: Same-Sex Marriage in New York State

The New York State Senate is close to voting on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized.  Where do New York State registered voters stand on this controversial issue? A slim majority — 51% — favor legalizing same-sex marriage.  42% oppose it.

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Support is driven by Democrats and those living in New York City.  Looking at party, 66% of Democrats are in favor of the legislation.  Republicans oppose it by nearly the same proportion.  62% of New York’s GOP do not want same-sex marriage to become legal.  Non-enrolled voters reflect the overall electorate with 51% supporting the proposal.

Region also plays a role.  61% of voters in New York City believe same-sex marriage should be legalized while 33% are against the proposed action.  Voters in the suburbs and Upstate are divided.  47% of those in the suburbs support the measure while the same proportion — 47% — oppose it.  Upstate, 48% want same-sex marriage to become legal while 44% are against it.

There is also a gender divide on this question.  Nearly six in ten women — 58% — favor the measure.  34% oppose it.  Half of men, on the other hand, oppose legalizing gay marriage.  45% support it.

Table: Same-Sex Marriage in New York

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