12/10: Time for a Congressional Turnover?

The 2010 midterm elections are less than a year away.  So, just how worried should representatives in Congress be?


U.S. Capitol building

51% of registered voters nationwide say they would support their current representative if the election were held today.  37% report they would vote for someone else.  12% are unsure.

Democrats are more satisfied with their representatives than are Republicans.  60% of Democrats would back their current elected official while 29% say they would support someone else.  Republican voters, however, are more change-oriented.  44% say they would back the incumbent compared with 41% who would cast their ballot for the challenger.  And, looking at those all-important Independent voters, they also divide.  46% say they would vote for their current representative, and 43% would support someone new.

Table: 2010 Congressional Elections

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