11/18: Voters Worried NYS Will Run Out of Money

Nearly seven in ten registered voters in New York State fear the Empire State’s coffers will soon be bare.  69% of voters report they are either very worried or worried that the state will run out of money in December.  This compares with 21% who are not very worried and 10% who are not worried at all.

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Most voters think the budget shortfall is a major problem.  88% feel this way compared with 11% who believe it is a minor problem.  Just 1% of voters say it’s not an issue at all.

Complete November 18, 2009 NYS Poll Release and Tables

According to Marist Poll Director, Lee M. Miringoff, “Voters are paying attention to the budget problems in Albany and they’re not happy with what they’re seeing.”

Table: Concern About NYS Finances
Table: NYS Shortfall

Pointing the Finger…NYS Legislature to Blame, But Paterson Is Not in the Clear

With the state facing a $3 billion budget deficit, who do registered voters blame for not taking the lead to solve this problem?  70% point the finger at the state legislature while 21% are placing the blame on Governor David Paterson.

Does that mean that voters approve of how the governor is handling the budget?  No.  64% disapprove of how Paterson is dealing with the state’s budget while 28% approve.  The governor has failed to improve the public’s perception of him on this issue.  When Marist last asked about Governor Paterson’s handling of the state budget in September, similar proportions held these views.

And, when it comes to how he is managing the state’s economic crisis, here, too, 63% say they disapprove of the governor’s approach while 30% approve.  Similar proportions of voters reported they thought this way in September.

Table: Blame for Budget Deficit
Table: Paterson Handling of Budget
Table: Paterson Handling of Economic Crisis

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