10/31: First Lady Still Thought of Favorably by More than Six in Ten

Marist National Poll

When President Barack Obama hits the campaign trail, it probably wouldn’t hurt to bring his wife along.  63% of registered voters nationally have a positive impression of First Lady Michelle Obama.  21%, however, have an unfavorable view of Mrs. Obama, and 16% are unsure how to rate her.

Michelle Obama (courtesy of whitehouse.gov)

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Little has changed since Marist last reported this question in May.  At that time, 66% thought highly of Michelle Obama, 17% had a less than stellar opinion of her, and 17% were unsure.

Most Democrats — 85% — and nearly six in ten independent voters — 58% — think well of Michelle Obama.  Even 42% of Republicans share this view.

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability Over Time

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