10/22: Bloomberg Approval Rating at 58%

A majority of registered voters in New York City — 58% — think Mayor Michael Bloomberg is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  41% rate him as below average.  Bloomberg received a similar rating — 59% — when Marist last asked about the mayor’s job performance in September.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Both Republicans and Democrats give the mayor high marks.  69% of New York City’s GOP say the mayor is doing an above average job as mayor.  60% of Democrats agree.  Similar proportions within the two parties thought this way last month.

However, the mayor has continued to slide among non-enrolled voters.  Currently, 50% believe the mayor is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  In September, that proportion was at 56%.  Two months prior to that, 65% of non-enrolled voters thought Bloomberg was doing an above average job in office.

Voters also believe the overall direction of the city is on track.  58% report the Big Apple is headed in the right direction while 33% think it needs to be redirected.  These findings have slightly improved since Marist last gauged this question in September.  At that time, 54% of the electorate described the city as being on the right course, and 38% saw it heading down the wrong road.

Table: Bloomberg Approval Rating
Table: NYC Direction

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