10/21: Quarter of Americans Watch TV Shows Online

68% of U.S. residents report they watch television shows in real time on their TV’s.  However, 16% record programs using a DVR to watch them at a later time.  9% watch their shows online while 7% do not watch television.



There is a generation gap.  Americans 45 and older — 77% — are more likely to watch TV shows in the traditional way compared with 56% of those younger than 45.  By nearly a two-to-one margin, younger Americans — 22% — are more likely than are those 45 and older — 12% — to catch up with their favorite shows later thanks to a DVR.  And, by a five-to-one margin, those under the age of 45 — 15% — are more likely to view TV programs online than are their older counterparts — 3%.

Table: TV Show Viewing Habits

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