Marist Poll Academy

Marist Poll Academy is the place to discover, understand and practice the art and science of polling. Get polliterate by engaging in this smart, intuitive learning experience. The Academy is designed for all learners, including journalists, educators, political professionals and anyone else interested in better understanding what goes into scientific polling. The Academy is modular — learn as little or as much as you like and do it at your own pace. Just pick a learning block and get started.

College to Career

The Marist Poll’s College to Career internship is an immersive experience which focuses on two areas of expertise – News and Marketing and Data and Project Management. Interns develop practical skills as well as “soft skills” coveted by future employers. Students may choose to participate in the College to Career internship for either 6 or 12 credits. Developed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College to Career internship follows a hybrid model; it takes place online and on-campus!

Summer Pre-College

Get a jump on your college experience and learn what it’s like to be a student at Marist College, all while earning three college credits.

Offered as part of Marist College’s Summer Pre-College program, the Marist Poll offers Data Science for Polling and Political Communication. Learn how polls fit into our daily lives, receive an overview of the survey research process from start to finish, and develop the skills needed to report on data. Spoiler alert: you’ll be involved in creating, conducting, and reporting on an actual poll, including creating powerful and effective data visualizations.