1/27: An Optimistic Picture of the NYS Economy

By Barbara Carvalho

One of the most interesting numbers from Marist’s poll of New York State deals with those who now believe the worst of the state’s financial failings are behind us.  As recently as this past November, only 42% thought that we had turned the economic corner.  Now, 52% see things in a more rosy picture.  Are we about to turn the page on public perceptions about the sluggish economy?

There’s evidence from other questions in this survey that this may, in fact, be the case.  26% currently think the state’s economy is on the upswing, double the proportion who shared this view in November.  30% think their family finances are improving while only 15% think their money matters are getting worse.

Many New Yorkers are still having difficulty making ends meet.  The unemployment numbers still point to talk of an economic recovery as being fragile, at best.   And, although improved, 72% continue to think we remain mired in an economic recession.

But, the numbers do represent a change.  And, that is a welcome sign for those who have long awaited an improvement on the economic front.