Trump’s Indictments & 2024

Trump’s Indictments & 2024

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Many Republicans are unfazed by former President Donald Trump’s legal woes. While a majority of Americans say Trump should abandon his 2024 presidential bid, most Republicans and nearly half of independents want Trump to carry on. About two in three who align with the GOP consider Trump to be the best person to lead the Republican Party in 2024 and plan to back the embattled former president over his Republican rivals. Trump leads GOP primary rival, Ron DeSantis, by more than two-to-one in a head-to-head matchup. And, bolstered by support among independents, Trump runs competitively against President Joe Biden in a general election rematch.

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Marist 100: 2023-2030 Strategic Plan
Marist 100: 2023-2030 Strategic Plan

Sep 22, 2023

Americans Avoiding Marriage

A government shutdown looks more likely with each passing day but, if it happens, it wouldn't be the first time, and one party seems far more likely to get the blame from Americans. Why don't Americans want to get married anymore? Marriage rates are way down over the decades, and we have our reasons... Finally, we end with a cinematic fun fact. If your life was a movie, what kind would it be?

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