Election 2024

Election 2024

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Despite a still close contest between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, Trump’s support among white voters and independents has splintered. Biden is doing better than he did in 2020 among white voters, and he has eliminated the advantage that Trump had among independents earlier this month. Biden has a three-percentage point edge over Trump among registered voters nationally. In addition to independents, Trump has lost some ground among those who have an unfavorable view of both Biden and Trump. Among those who definitely plan to vote in November, Biden holds a six-percentage point lead. Biden is up five-percentage points in a multi-candidate field.

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Marist 100: 2023-2030 Strategic Plan
Marist 100: 2023-2030 Strategic Plan

Apr 19, 2024

Women in Sports: Show Them the Money

What are New Yorkers thinking? We're going deep into the data from our latest NYS poll. Next, Caitlin Clark and women's basketball have been the talk of the town, but why aren't the big ratings translating into bigger paychecks? Finally, what's your greatest indulgence? This fun fact is our guilty pleasure.

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