Marist New York State Poll: Governor Hochul Approval, October 2021

Marist New York State Poll: Governor Hochul Approval, October 2021

Fifty days after being sworn in, New York Governor Kathy Hochul enjoys positive support from state residentsMore than half rate her favorably (55%), her approval rating is +18 percentage points (49% – 31%), and 56% say she is a “good leader” for the state. In contrast, the numbers are not encouraging for former Governor Andrew Cuomo77% of New Yorkers say they do not want him to run to reclaim the office next year including 74% of Democrats.

Oct 21, 2021

Poll Hub Live!

A special hour-long episode of Poll Hub recorded live with a virtual audience starts off with a look at the partisan realignment in America and interesting new poll data about what makes a Republican a Republican and a Democrat a Democrat in 2021. We explore why troubling trends in journalism and polling are meeting – and making both worse in the process. Also, what’s happening to polling in our hyperpartisan era? And we end with a sweet fun fact from Lee.

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