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4/8: Majority Approves of Obama’s Job Performance


4/8: Majority Approves of Obama’s Job Performance

With just about two-and-a-half months under his belt, 56% of registered voters nationwide approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing in office.  30%, however, disapprove.  Mr. Obama’s positive approval rating is bolstered by the perceptions of younger voters.  More than three-quarters of registered voters under the age of thirty — 76% — approve of the president’s job so far.  That’s a far greater share than in any other age group.  Mr. Obama does need to do more to bridge the gap between the two parties.  While 88% of Democrats give the president high marks, just one-quarter of Republicans do the same.

Table: Obama Approval Rating

In Touch with the Times and Keeping His Word

Registered voters nationwide believe President Barack Obama has a handle on their concerns.  More than seven in ten — 72% — say Mr. Obama understands the problems facing the nation.  This is compared with 23% who feel he is out of touch.  Even a notable proportion of Republicans — 38% — believe the president is in tune with today’s key issues.  And, not surprisingly, most Democrats — 96% — agree.  American voters also view President Obama as someone who cares about the average person.  67% say the president cares about people like themselves while just 25% disagree.  The president has also made inroads with a sizeable proportion of Republicans on this question.  35% of GOPers share this view.

Many voters also believe President Obama’s acumen and empathy aren’t all he has to offer.  63% report Mr. Obama is a good leader for the country.  However, there is a significant partisan divide on this question.  93% of Democrats believe the president is a strong leader while just 25% of Republicans would use this term to describe Mr. Obama.  So, how is the president doing on keeping all of those promises he made while on the campaign trail?  According to more than six in ten voters, he has kept his word.  61% of voters feel this way compared with 29% who disagree.

Table: Understands Problems Facing the Country
Table: Cares About People Like You
Table: Good Leader for the Nation
Table: Fulfilling Campaign Promises

Change for the Better

President Obama ran his campaign on a platform of change, and a majority of voters say he is delivering.  54% report President Obama is moving the country in a better direction.  This is compared with 26% who say he is changing that direction for the worse.  Just 13% believe he is making no change at all.  Voters also believe that he is improving the way things work inside the Beltway.  54% report Mr. Obama is changing the way things work in Washington, D.C. for the better.  36% disagree.

Table: Direction President Obama Is Moving the Country
Table: Changing the Way Things Work in Washington

Too Much Too Soon

Although a majority of voters think Mr. Obama is leading the nation in a better direction, about half of U.S. voters believe the president is trying too much too soon.  This compares with 45% who think he’s not biting off more than he can chew.  6% of voters are unsure.  There is a partisan divide on this issue.  74% of Republicans think Mr. Obama should slow it down while only 26% of Democrats feel the same.  51% of Independents think the president is taking on too much too early in his presidency.

Table: Trying To Do Too Much Too Soon

Marist Poll Methodology

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    January 27, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    It is amazing how many rats jump ship when they feel the ship is sinking.I my brief life of 59 years I have seen many a rat drown and the ship did not sink as aspected. prior to president Obama we had 12 plus years of conservative leader ship that used one paddle,roared in a circle,made the rich richer,and made our middle class vanish from the face of the earth . Most blame it on Clinton,but forget about the surplus funds we had. bush gets into office eliminates that surplus and heads straight for social security funds.Proud people of these United States of America President Obama did noy get us where are but I’ll be damned if you are willing to give him ample opportunity to help our country .Conservatism is a wonderful idea as long as everyone is included in it ranks but if you have to let polictical leaders get away with likening our people to breeding animals .Well looking at where most of us came from to be here in America and how we prospered and got to where are through fight ,sharing,and taking care of our own and the world.

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