9/7: The American Jobs Picture

By Barbara Carvalho You have to go back to the 1940’s to find a time of zero net job growth.  And yet, that’s the current dismal state of economic affairs.  Anyway you slice the numbers, 9.1% unemployment coupled with an additional 9 million Americans who are underemployed, that is working part-time but seeking full-time employment, adds […]

6/30: The U.S. Economy

By John Sparks What is the current state of the economy?  Who’s to blame, and what is the possible impact of unemployment on long-term earning potential?  Phil Izzo is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and he recently discussed these issues and more with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks.  Read the transcript below. John […]

Has the Economic Crisis Bottomed Out?

By John Sparks How long will the economic crisis last?  Associate Editor of Barron’s, Michael Santoli, shared his observations with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks. Here’s the transcript of their discussion: John Sparks Michael, we conducted a national survey, and we asked Americans how long they think the current economic crisis will last.  I’m curious […]