NBC News/Marist Poll Results & Analysis of Pennsylvania

Biden Up by Five Points in Pennsylvania

NBC News/Marist Poll Results & Analysis of Arizona

Biden and Trump Tied in Arizona

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll Results & Analysis

Biden Up by 11 Points Nationally

NBC News/Marist Poll Results & Analysis of Michigan

Biden Up by 8 Points in Michigan

NBC News/Marist Poll Results & Analysis of Wisconsin

Biden Leads Trump by 10 in Wisconsin

3/31: Who Says the Majority Rules? That Filibuster Thing Explained

It’s a safe bet that the most familiar image of a Senate “filibuster” comes from the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

8/29: What About the Economy?

By Barbara Carvalho Whatever happened to this election being about the economy and only the economy? Well, the summer months ushered in a slew of back and forth arguments between the Obama and Romney campaigns which had little to do with what Romney hoped would be a referendum on President Obama and the stalled economic recovery. […]

7/11: But Wait, There’s More

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Are you in search of the definitive narrative for decision ’12?  Each time something BIG happens…an Obama or a Romney gaffe, the SCOTUS ruling on immigration or health care, the latest jobs numbers etc… the pundit and polling communities pounce on it as the storyline for the election. Well, chattering […]

7/11: Shaping Public Opinion

By Barbara Carvalho With recent public polls showing many Americans unaware of the SCOTUS health care decision, it gives pause for thought.  How much attention  does the public really pay to news coverage of issues thought to shape Decision ’12? Let’s take a different example.  Aside from the partisan spin that accompanied the latest 8.2% Labor […]

Race-Conscious Admissions Programs: The Court of Public Opinion

On April 1 the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on two cases challenging how the University of Michigan uses race in its undergraduate and law school admissions processes. The case is being closely watched in higher education circles because virtually all of our nation’s selective colleges and universities have embraced the goal of having […]