12/20: Kids and Cell Phones

By John Sparks When should a child be given his/her own cell phone?  Who is the phone really for — the parent or the child?  What rules and restrictions should be placed on the phone’s use? The Marist Poll’s John Sparks speaks with Marist Poll Contributor Carol Ann Riddell about the plusses and minuses of […]

9/9: School Days: A Parental Breakout?

For many schools, including the New York City public schools, today marks the first day of classes.  As I drove into work this morning, I heard a newscaster refer to today as, “Parents Liberation Day.”  This sentiment is echoed on ads pimping school supplies across TV airwaves.  Granted, summer can be a challenge for parents.  […]

6/25: Parenting Advice from the Trenches

By John Sparks Kids…when it comes to parenting, even the littlest angels can be devils.  In her new book, 13 is the New 18, author and Associated Press columnist and editor, Beth Harpaz, shares her experiences raising a trying teenager.  When Harpaz spoke with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks, she offered her insights, advice, and […]