2/23: The Latest on the GOP Race

By John Sparks Where does the race for the Republican nomination stand?  What are the chances of a brokered convention?  And, who has the best odds against President Barack Obama?   The Marist Poll’s John Sparks visits with Marist Poll Analyst and syndicated political columnist Carl Leubsdorf who writes a weekly column for The Dallas […]

11/8: The New Political Reality 2010

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Although the political leadership in Washington is offering up its carefully crafted conclusions for Election 2010, I’m checking out pre-election and exit polls to find out what voters nationally were actually saying. To the degree this election was a referendum on the president, something the GOP had hoped for, and […]

9/22: The Political Climate Leading Up To the Midterm Elections

By John Sparks Will a record number of incumbents go down in defeat in this November’s midterm elections?  Will Republicans regain control of the Senate?  What impact will the Tea Party have on the election?  Will its candidates who won primary victories over Republicans be able defeat Democrats in the general election?  Is President Obama […]

Obama’s Biggest Hurdle

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff It’s not really a Catch-22 for President Obama when it comes to the economy.  Although this new president may relish some political cover from the 76% of Americans who believe he inherited our current economic malaise, responsibility for stabilizing the shaky buck will ultimately end up on his desk…perhaps, sooner […]