NBC 4 New York/Marist Poll Results & Analysis


NBC 4 New York/Marist Poll Results & Analysis

Cuomo’s Job Performance Rating at New High, Buoyed by Governor’s Handling of COVID-19 and Economy…
Doubts About Reopening Public Schools

11/9: Test for Cuomo Could Come Down to the Economy

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Just how long is Governor Cuomo’s  honeymoon going to last?  One year after being elected governor, Andrew Cuomo is receiving a strong showing from New Yorkers.  What is particularly noteworthy is that his appeal blurs traditional party and regional divisions.  He is attracting majority support for his job performance from Democrats, […]

2/4: Any Way You Crunch the Numbers…

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Andrew Cuomo is off to a good start as New York’s Governor.  According to the latest Marist Poll, he has a 71% favorability rating and his job performance stands at 48%.  This translates into most New York voters telling us they like Cuomo and nearly half think, after just one […]

1/19: What’s a Giant Fan to Do?

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff My hopes for a return of my Giants to the Super Bowl this year were dashed in a Joe Pisarcik-like collapse delivered at the hands and feet of Eagle Quarterback Michael Vick and followed the week later by the precision passing of Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Now, the New Yorker […]

9/28: The New York Ballot in 2010

By John Sparks     Despite calls to replace all incumbents regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, Political Analyst Jay Dedapper thinks most of New York’s incumbents will hold onto their seats. And, he tells the Marist Poll’s John Sparks that’s because he believes voter turnout will be low in the upcoming midterm […]

6/4: From the Floor: The Democratic and Republican Conventions in New York

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff More than two centuries ago, George Washington warned us about the corrosive effects of political parties.  Having spent the better part of the past two weeks at the New York State Democratic and Republican conventions, I am pretty convinced that this cherry tree chopper was not telling a fib. To […]

9/21: Mr. Obama Goes to New York…Squelches Mr. Paterson’s Chances?

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff     With an approval rating still scraping bottom at 20% and with only 27% of New York State voters even wanting Governor David Paterson to seek election in 2010, it’s little wonder the White House is getting itchy.  Why is Washington so worried about the bluest of the blue […]