4/4: Opening Day

By John Sparks Although there were two official games played in Japan last week, this week marks the day all die-hard baseball fans wait for during the long cold winter — Opening Day. The opening day of the baseball season used to be celebrated in Cincinnati where the Reds were the oldest of the original […]

3/14: A Look Ahead to Opening Day

By John Sparks With Major League Baseball’s opening day less than a month away, the countdown to the regular season has begun.  What can baseball fans make of the change in the playoff system?  And, who has the best chances of winning this year?  Sports journalist and Marist Poll Contributor Len Berman offered his insight […]

4/1: A Personal Encounter with Mickey Mantle

By John Sparks Len Berman tells the story of Mickey Mantle saying Len writes like a girl.  My encounter with Mantle was probably not so pleasant. First of all, let me state, that I liked Mickey, but he was not my favorite.  Yogi was.  There was no one better in the clutch, and as a […]

6/2: Dugout Chatter — Baseball in NYC

By John Sparks Baseball season is in full swing!  From Major League Baseball’s ticket prices to new stadiums’ impact on the game, there’s a lot of chatter surrounding the sport.  In an interview with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks, sports journalist Len Berman weighs in.  Check out their conversation below. John Sparks Len, we conducted […]

6/2: You Call That a Record?!

By Stephanie Calvano I wait all winter for it to be baseball season again.  I make an annual trip to Tampa in March to visit friends and go to Yankees’ Spring Training.  I feel like a little kid every time I go to a Major League game.  Then, every once in a while, I step back and […]

Bucks and Baseball: An Interview

By John Sparks Sports Author Ray Robinson discusses the economics of baseball and offers a unique perspective on the history of the game.  Here’s a transcript of Robinson’s interview with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks. John Sparks Ray, attendance may have increased for professional baseball last season, but our recent survey indicates that most fans […]