3/6: Taking the Pulse of the Economy

By John Sparks Is the U.S. economy really in a recovery?  What about gas prices, and what role could the economy play in this election year?  Associate Editor of Barron’s, Michael Santoli, spoke with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks about this and more.  Listen to the interview below. John Sparks Michael, some folks are saying […]

Has the Economic Crisis Bottomed Out?

By John Sparks How long will the economic crisis last?  Associate Editor of Barron’s, Michael Santoli, shared his observations with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks. Here’s the transcript of their discussion: John Sparks Michael, we conducted a national survey, and we asked Americans how long they think the current economic crisis will last.  I’m curious […]

Michael Santoli

Michael Santoli is an Associate Editor for Barron’s, The Dow Jones Business and Financial Weekly.  He writes the “Streetwise” column, offering a forward-looking take on the financial markets, illuminating market trends and identifying investment opportunities. Mr. Santoli, who joined Barron’s in 1997, is a regular on-air contributor to several cable and broadcast networks. He is […]