7/12: Baseball’s Demise at the Hands of the Networks?

By John Sparks “God, I just love baseball.” –Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs in “The Natural,” 1984 So, in the latest Marist Poll, 54% of the American public tells us they do not follow baseball at all. Clearly, Roy Hobbs and I are in the minority.  I’m writing this column in Texas as I watch […]

5/25: The News Media: It Comes Down to Accuracy and Accountability

Is the media fair?  The question is certainly not a new one.  And with advances in technology, it’s a query that, rightfully, receives renewed attention. For the record, nearly half of Americans in the latest national Marist Poll — 49% — think the press is generally fair when it comes to its coverage of President […]

Twitter: Can’t Beat the Tweet

Even if you don’t use Twitter, you’ve probably been inundated with news about the social networking site.  That’s because the sharp minds behind Twitter managed to create a perfect media storm.  Not only does their product have an insanely catchy name — isn’t it fun to say “Twitter” and “tweet”? — but it also provides […]