9/22: NBC News/Marist Poll

NBC News and Marist College are pleased to announce the launch of a polling partnership, the NBC News/Marist Poll, for the 2012 Republican primary season. The NBC News/Marist Poll will gauge public opinion throughout this fall in key Republican primary and caucus states and track the campaign for the Republican nomination next spring. “With the […]

9/9: School Days: A Parental Breakout?

For many schools, including the New York City public schools, today marks the first day of classes.  As I drove into work this morning, I heard a newscaster refer to today as, “Parents Liberation Day.”  This sentiment is echoed on ads pimping school supplies across TV airwaves.  Granted, summer can be a challenge for parents.  […]

So, You Want to Start a Website

If you were to ask me a year ago if I ever thought I’d be overseeing a website like The Marist Poll’s, honestly, I would have laughed in your face.  You see, my feet were firmly planted in traditional broadcast news (whatever that means anymore), and although I would often talk about changing careers, I […]

6/5: Makeup for Summer

What are the hottest makeup trends for summer, and how can you incorporate them into your every day look?  Celebrity Makeup Artist Vincenza Carovillano offers her tips in an interview with The Marist Poll’s Mary Azzoli.  Read the transcript below. Mary So, Vincenza, let’s just get right down to it.  The Marist Poll recently asked […]

The Perfect Fit

Finding a pair of jeans that fits just right can be a challenge!  What can you do to make the process a little easier?  Here’s some practical advice from the Marist Poll’s Mary Azzoli.