11/9: Closing the Chapter on 2016

The Marist Poll would like to congratulate the hundreds of students who took part in Marist polls over the last eighteen months. Their talent, dedication, and hard work contributed to The Marist Poll’s ability to weave an accurate and informative narrative about campaign 2016. When so many other polls ran into difficulty measuring this unprecedented […]

7/6: Congratulations MIPO Class of 2015

The Marist Poll team congratulates and bids farewell to the graduating class of 2015.  The End of the Year Awards Ceremony was celebrated on May 4th in the Hudson Riverview Room of the Student Center at Marist. https://www.kizoa.com/embed-22495514-7106750o1l1

7/15: A Student’s Perspective: Recollections from Marist Pollster Nick Bayer

Nick Bayer, a fourth year Marist Poll veteran and Head Coach, stopped in the other day to talk about his time at MIPO. After joining the team in the fall of his freshman year, Nick was quickly promoted to the highest held student position of Head Coach. When I asked Nick what his time with […]

6/3: 2015 Distinguished Service Award

The 2015 Jill Carboni Distinguished Service award goes to Alexa Gherlone. Alexa has worked with us since her freshman year and has been a valued member of the Marist Poll team. After demonstrating her excellent interviewing skills, she was quickly promoted to a coach position. Alexa was promoted again her junior year to a head […]

5/29: 2015 Baccalaureate Award Winner

Katie, a double major in History and French, has been an amazing asset at the Marist Poll as an interviewer, Head Coach, and office assistant. Katie has gone above and beyond in her classes, internships, and at the Marist Poll. Her dedication, hard work, and talent have made her a stand out performer. We will […]