5/3: What Do Lee Miringoff and Babe Ruth Have in Common?

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff The latest joke circulating The Marist Poll these days (courtesy of JS and MG) goes something like this: “What do Lee Miringoff and Babe Ruth have in common?”  Answer: They both hit 60.  For Ruth, it obviously refers to his prodigious 1927 season when he shattered all records for homers.  […]

4/30: 59 Candles

It’s an annual tradition at The Marist Institute for Public Opinion.  To commemorate the director’s birthday, we ask the nation if they think Dr. Lee M. Miringoff’s age is young, middle-aged, or old.  How did our fearless leader do this year? The age is 59, and Miringoff escapes, again!  72% of U.S. residents think 59 […]