8/29: What About the Economy?

By Barbara Carvalho Whatever happened to this election being about the economy and only the economy? Well, the summer months ushered in a slew of back and forth arguments between the Obama and Romney campaigns which had little to do with what Romney hoped would be a referendum on President Obama and the stalled economic recovery. […]

7/11: Shaping Public Opinion

By Barbara Carvalho With recent public polls showing many Americans unaware of the SCOTUS health care decision, it gives pause for thought.  How much attention  does the public really pay to news coverage of issues thought to shape Decision ’12? Let’s take a different example.  Aside from the partisan spin that accompanied the latest 8.2% Labor […]

4/6: The 2010 Congressional Elections: 1994 Meet 2008

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff The health care debate was certainly about health care, but it was also about the mid-term elections.   Pundits, pollsters, and pols are assessing the potential impact of congressional action against the backdrop of what it may mean for November.  So-called generic ballot questions have already been monitoring the ebb and […]