9/1: Swine Flu from “Ground Zero”

By John Sparks The swine flu outbreak began last spring when the first cases were reported at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, New York.  In an interview with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks, Assistant Principal Patrick McLaughlin recalls last April’s outbreak and addresses steps the school is taking this Fall to meet the threat […]

9/1: Preventing Swine Flu…An Interview with the CDC

By John Sparks Should Americans be concerned about H1N1 influenza, and what precautions should they take to be protected from the swine flu? The Marist Poll’s John Sparks talks with Joe Quimby of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Read the full interview below. John Sparks Joe, The Marist Poll conducted a […]

7/1: Featured Recipe: Megg McKMuffin

A Recipe by Meghan McKeever Breakfast is important. But, then again so is sleep. So, how do you ensure that you get a tasty balanced breakfast, while still allowing yourself those precious extra minutes under the covers? The Megg McKMuffin is my solution. A vegetarian delight, it is packed with protein to stave off hunger […]

6/18: Health Care in the United States: An In-Depth Look

By John Sparks Dr. Irwin Redlener, Co-Founder and President of the Children’s Health Fund, discusses the Marist Poll’s findings on health insurance in the United States and shares his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s health care plan and the future of health care in the country.  Dr. Redlener, also the Director of the National Center […]

Trendbreakers: March 3, 2007

Trendbreakers is a new show that spotlights the latest pollnumbers and the people and the stories behind them. Read the full post