6/4: From the Floor: The Democratic and Republican Conventions in New York

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff More than two centuries ago, George Washington warned us about the corrosive effects of political parties.  Having spent the better part of the past two weeks at the New York State Democratic and Republican conventions, I am pretty convinced that this cherry tree chopper was not telling a fib. To […]

3/17: Cuomo: Decisive or Defensive?

Lee Miringoff breaks down the political future of Andrew Cuomo after the New York attorney general recused himself from investigating Governor David Paterson:

3/9: Go Figure

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Governor David Paterson is under siege with a series of swirling controversies… the awarding of bids for the Aqueduct racino, his conversations with a woman who has accused a top aide to the governor of domestic violence, and the cloud over how the governor obtained Yankees’ World Series tickets.  As […]

3/3: The Devil Is in the Poll

Sure, all polls are snapshots in time.  And, because the political world doesn’t pause to allow for the several days it takes to complete the requisite number of voter interviews, occasionally, we get caught mid-poll.  Typically, we adjust and move on.  This was not as easily accomplished, however, in Marist’s most recent poll of New […]

2/22: Paterson’s Path to Election

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Governor David Paterson became governor under unusual circumstances.  He has served in turbulent times, and oversees a government that is seen by most New Yorkers as dysfunctional.  He has also compiled unprecedentedly low poll numbers.  How low is low? In Marist’s statewide polls dating back nearly three decades, we find […]

9/21: Mr. Obama Goes to New York…Squelches Mr. Paterson’s Chances?

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff     With an approval rating still scraping bottom at 20% and with only 27% of New York State voters even wanting Governor David Paterson to seek election in 2010, it’s little wonder the White House is getting itchy.  Why is Washington so worried about the bluest of the blue […]

Paterson Could Be Casualty of Albany Political Coup

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff Just as Governor Paterson was trying to dig out in Albany, is the GOP Senate takeover yet another shovel of dirt on his political grave?  The most recent Marist Poll in New York State found that only 20% of voters statewide think Governor Paterson is changing the way things work […]