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The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Polls track public opinion on the most pressing issues today.

3/31: Who Says the Majority Rules? That Filibuster Thing Explained

It’s a safe bet that the most familiar image of a Senate “filibuster” comes from the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

12/13: McClatchy-Marist Poll

What will President Barack Obama’s legacy be?  Americans share their views in the latest national McClatchy-Marist Poll. To read the full McClatchy article, click here.

4/8: McClatchy-Marist Poll

Do Americans think the nation is moving on the right or the wrong track? Find out in the latest national McClatchy-Marist Poll.  To read the full McClatchy article, click here.

11/28: Mitofsky Still Teaching

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff It’s been 6 years since our mentor, colleague, and friend’s death.   Warren Mitofsky was a clear thinker and major innovator of the public polling community.  Beyond his methodological rigor, he communicated long-lasting, yet, simple messages to the profession.  His thoughts remain vital through the 2012 election cycle. Despite this year’s successful […]

8/29: What About the Economy?

By Barbara Carvalho Whatever happened to this election being about the economy and only the economy? Well, the summer months ushered in a slew of back and forth arguments between the Obama and Romney campaigns which had little to do with what Romney hoped would be a referendum on President Obama and the stalled economic recovery. […]

5/30: Don’t Cell Out!

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff It should be the battle cry of all pollsters and poll watchers interested in accuracy when it comes to presidential polling.  The problems of reaching cell phone only respondents are well documented.  But, measurements of the Obama-Romney horse race that rely solely on landline households do so at great peril. […]

The Inauguration: A View From the Crowd

We had no tickets to the Inauguration.  We simply walked toward the National Mall.  It was freezing; the sun at 7:30 a.m. did little to warm us.  We started about a mile away, where the streets weren’t quite so crowded; I thought that, perhaps, all the handwringing over the sheer number of attendees was overdone.  […]

Election Night: Witnessing History

It was an unusually warm November evening marred only by a few sporadic raindrops — Election Night 2008. A hum of anticipation weaved its way through a growing crowd gathered on NBC’s “Election Plaza,” and within hours, that buzz escalated into a symphony of cheers, chants and applause, climaxing the moment NBC declared Barack Obama […]

The New Hampshire Pre‐election Polls

So, what exactly happened last night in New Hampshire? Did Hillary Clinton have a stunning comeback in the closing hours of the campaign or were the pollsters and pundits alike just dead wrong all along? Well, for answers, we at the Marist Poll took a look at the numbers. Read the full post