The Super Bowl vs. Valentine’s Day

Marist National Poll

Plurality of Americans Prefer the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day

It’s a battle for the ages! Two noteworthy events will occur this February – the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. And, this year, more Americans say they are excited about the Super Bowl than Valentine’s Day. This marks a notable shift since 2007 when Valentine’s Day prevailed.

Super Bowl vs. Valentine’s Day
Which February event are you more excited about:
Source: Marist Poll National Adults. Interviews conducted January 23rd through January 26th, 2023, n=1,257 MOE +/- 3.6 percentage points. Totals may not add to 100% due to rounding.
  • A plurality of Americans (45%) think the Super Bowl tops Valentine’s Day (38%). 16% say they are not excited about either holiday. This marks a reversal from a January 2007 Fox News Poll which showed Valentine’s Day (42%) as preferable to the Super Bowl (36%).

  • Men (55%) are more likely than women (37%) to anticipate the Super Bowl. A plurality of women (43%) are more excited about Valentine’s Day. This compares with 32% of men who mention Valentine’s Day.

  • The Super Bowl is the preferred event for Baby Boomers (42%) and Gen X (49%). Millennials and Gen Z divide (45% Super Bowl to 44% for Valentine’s Day). Members of the Silent/Greatest generation (48%) are more likely than their younger counterparts to look forward to Valentine’s Day.

  • Although Americans’ preference for the Super Bowl cuts across partisan lines, Republicans (48%) and independents (47%) are more likely than Democrats (41%) to be looking forward to the Super Bowl.