Biden Approval Rating and Infrastructure, April 2021

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll

American Jobs Plan Garners Support By a Wide Margin… Biden Approval Rating at 53%

A majority of Americans (56%) support President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion plan to address infrastructure, climate change, and job creation. A plurality (40%) think the plan hits the right balance. 23% say it goes too far, and 20% think it should do more. On both of these questions, there is a wide partisan divide, drawing overwhelming support from Democrats. Republicans are more likely to oppose the plan and say it overreaches. Still, 19% of the GOP think the bill needs to address more. 13% say the plan is on target.

American Jobs Plan Support
President Biden announced his American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion plan intended to address infrastructure, climate change, and job creation. From what you ́ve read or heard, do you support or oppose this plan?
Source: NPR/PBS NewsHour/ Marist Poll National Adults. Interviews conducted April 7th – April 13th, 2021, n=1266 MOE +/- 3.3%
  • About two in three Americans (65%) favor funding the American Jobs Plan by taxing those earning $400,000 or more annually. Democrats (90%) and independents (66%) bolster support. Republicans (65%) oppose paying for the plan in this manner.

  • Americans divide about whether or not there should be an increase in the corporate tax rate above the current 21 percent. There is a wide partisan split on support for this proposal between Democrats (80%) and Republicans (17%). Independents divide 48% to 48%.

  • 63% of Americans, however, do support a tax of, at least, 21 percent on the earnings of U.S. corporations in other countries. Although there is a partisan split, most independents (69%) support it.

  • Other potential sources of revenue to pay for the American Jobs Plan are not popular: increasing usage fees such as tolls (30%), increasing the gas tax to adjust for inflation (28%), adjusting tax rates to increase taxes on all Americans (20%), and borrowing money to just add to the national debt (20%).

  • The American Jobs Plan focuses on infrastructure which people define as: roads, bridges, and ports (96%), pipes that supply drinking water (89%), the electric grid (85%), broadband internet service (62%), or long-term health care (58%). A narrow majority (51%) include electric vehicle charging stations to be part of America’s infrastructure.

  • There is bipartisan consensus that roads, bridges, and ports, water supply pipes, or the electric grid are part of the country’s infrastructure.

“Like the American Rescue Act, most Americans find that Biden’s infrastructure proposal falls well within their comfort zone,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist Poll. “During Biden’s first three months in office he has achieved a positive approval rating, overall, bolstered by his handling both of the coronavirus and the economy.”

President Biden’s job approval rating has notched up to 53%, reaching his highest approval rating since taking office. Biden’s score stood at 52% in late March. 25% of residents strongly approve of Biden’s job performance. 39%, including 29% who strongly do so, disapprove. Independents divide, 45% approve to 43% disapprove. Trump’s rating, at a comparable time, was underwater with 39% approving and 48% disapproving.

Biden’s score on the economy (54%) has notched up from 51% last month. This is Biden’s highest score on the economy as well. A plurality (48%) of independents approve, and 41% disapprove.

Majorities of Americans oppose companies (57%) and professional sports teams (55%) using their public image to influence political, cultural, or social change. While Democrats are more likely to favor this type of involvement, Republicans and independents oppose it.