Civilian Space Travel

Marist National Poll

Go, No Go for Civilian Space Travel?

Prepare for a new generation of space explorers. While U.S. residents overall are not enamored with the idea of personal space travel (54%), more than six in ten Americans under the age of 45 say they would prepare for liftoff, if they received the opportunity in their lifetime.

Would You Go to Space?
If you had a chance in your lifetime to travel to outer space, would you do so, or not?
Source: Marist Poll National Adults. Interviews conducted Apr 19 – Apr 21, 2021, n=1809 MOE +/- 3.2% percentage points.
  • Americans under the age of 45 (62%), especially GenZ and Millennials (65%), are more than twice as likely as older residents (30%) to take off for interplanetary adventure.

  • Members of GenZ and Millennials (65%) are more likely than any other generation to say they would blast off and travel to outer space. Willingness to travel out of this world steadily decreases with aging generations.

  • Men (61%) are twice as likely as women (30%) to say they would travel to outer space.