How Old is 68?

Marist National Poll

The tide is (finally) turning for the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

Although a narrow plurality of Americans still describe Dr. Lee M. Miringoff’s age this year as middle-age, the proportion who consider his age to be old is the highest it has ever been. 48% of Americans, less than a majority for the first time, report 68 years of age is middle-aged while 46% say it is old. Only six percent consider Dr. Miringoff’s age to be young.

When Dr. Miringoff celebrated his 67th birthday last year, 53% thought his age was middle-aged. 40% considered 67 to be old, and 6% described it as young.

Members of Gen Z and Millennials drive these results. 62% of these Americans say 68 years of age is old compared with 19% of those over 72 who share this view. Among Americans 45 or older, more than half (56%) think Dr. Miringoff’s age is middle-age. There has, though, been an increase in the proportion of Americans 45 years of age or older who perceive 68 to be old compared with 67. 34% up from 27%.

A marked gender gap exists. While 59% of women believe 68 is middle-age, 57% of men say it is old. Opinion among women is little changed from last year. Men divided in 2018. At that time, 49% of men said 67 years of age was old. 45% thought it was middle-age.

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