Hot Dog Toppings

Marist National Poll

Hot Diggity Dog!

Most Americans don’t go naked –at least when it comes to their hot dog eating! 92% of hot dog eating adults in the United States add, at least, one topping to their hot dog. And, 72% top their hot dog with, at least, two or more. So, which condiment reigns supreme? 47% of hot dog eaters say they just can’t live without mustard.

  • Ketchup (30%) comes in a distant second to mustard as the must-have hot dog topping. Others – chili, relish, and onions – receive single digits.

  • In the Midwest, ketchup (44%) and mustard (43%) vie for the title. Mustard is king in all other parts of the country. Older Americans (52%) give mustard a boost while those under 45 are torn between mustard (40%) and ketchup (39%) as their “go to” hot dog condiment. GenZ/Millennials (47%) lead the charge for ketchup among younger hot dog eaters. Men (54%) are more likely than woman (39%) to grab the mustard bottle.

  • 68% of Americans say they eat hot dogs.

Hot Dog Toppings

Among Hot Dog eaters who add toppings: What is the one topping you must have on a hot dog when you eat it?

Source: Marist Poll National Hot Dog Eaters who Add Toppings. Interviews conducted May 19 – May 25, 2021, n=630 MOE +/- 4.8% percentage points.