Freefall! Paterson’s Approval Rating Plummets

New Yorkers are sending a strong message to Governor David Paterson, “Shape Up!”  Just 26% of registered voters report the governor is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  That’s a drop of 20 percentage points since the Marist Poll last asked this question at the end of January.  In fact, Governor Paterson’s approval rating is the lowest approval rating a New York State governor has received in the Marist Poll’s nearly thirty year history of statewide surveys.


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Has the Governor Lost Favor Within His Own Party?

Here’s the party breakdown.  Among registered Democrats in New York State, 30% think Paterson is doing an above average job while 65% disagree.  Across the aisle, Republicans also overwhelmingly disapprove of Paterson’s performance.  Just 26% of members of New York’s GOP approve of the job Paterson is doing as governor while 72% think he is doing a fair or poor job.  Only 20% of non-enrolled voters agree that Paterson is doing well in the position.

Opinions across the state are consistently low.  24% of upstate voters approve of the job Paterson is doing as governor.  26% of suburban voters say he is doing an above average job, and 30% of New York City voters share this position.

Paterson’s Approval Rating Table

Hard Working and In Touch, But Paterson Fails to Make the Grade as a Leader

The good news for Governor Paterson: 77% of New Yorkers believe he is working hard as governor, and 62% say Paterson understands the problems of New Yorkers.  In addition, half of the electorate thinks he cares about the average New Yorker.  The bad news: 44% say Governor Paterson represents all regions of the state, and only 39% think the governor is a good leader.  Even fewer voters — 32% — believe the governor is changing how things work in Albany for the better.

Paterson Is Working Hard As Governor Table
Paterson Understands the Problems Facing NYS Table
Paterson Cares About People Like You Table
Paterson Represents All Regions of the State Table
Paterson Is a Good Leader for NYS Table
Paterson Is Changing the Way Things Work In Albany for the Better Table

Embattled Over Budget and Economic Crisis

Nearly six in ten registered voters in New York State — 59% — report they’re dissatisfied with how Governor Paterson is handling the state’s budget while just 30% approve of how the governor is managing the state’s financial affairs. In January, voters divided over Paterson’s budgetary actions. Looking at the state’s economic crisis overall, 56% of voters disapprove of the way Paterson is addressing the problem.

Paterson Handling Budget Table
Paterson Handling Economic Crisis Table
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The Marist Poll’s Lee Miringoff comments on Paterson’s popularity:

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