9/24: Obama Holds Onto Slim Majority in NYS…Approval Rating Slips

The flare-up between the White House and Albany is not doing President Barack Obama any good either.  52% of New York State registered voters say President Obama is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  46% report he is doing a subpar job.



The president’s approval rating has dipped 5 percentage points since Marist last asked this question earlier this month.  At that time, 57% thought the president was doing an above average job, and 43% said Mr. Obama was doing either a fair or poor job in office.  The president’s approval rating has been declining among New York State’s voters since March when he received a positive rating of 68%.

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There has been little change in the proportion of Democrats and Republicans who approve of the president’s job performance since Marist last asked this question.  However, there has been a drop among non-enrolled voters in the state.  Currently, 42% of these voters report Obama is performing well in office.  53% held this view last week.

Table: Obama Approval Rating

Marist Poll Methodology

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