9/17: Resurrect Spitzer? “No Way,” Say Nearly Seven in Ten

Controversy-ridden former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer has refuted rumors that he is looking to seek political office again.  And, perhaps, that’s a good thing.

Photo courtesy of U.S. State Department

Photo courtesy of U.S. State Department

69% of registered voters in New York State say they do not want Democrat Spitzer to run for statewide office next year.  This includes 62% of Spitzer’s own party, 77% of Republicans, and 72% of non-enrolled voters.

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Does the office make a difference?  Among Democrats in New York State, when Mr. Spitzer is paired in a hypothetical contest against his successor, Governor David Paterson, 60% report they would support the highly unpopular Paterson in next year’s Democratic Primary while 31% would vote for Spitzer.

When it comes to the race for New York State Comptroller, his prospects aren’t much better.  Here, 49% of Democrats in New York State report they would vote for the incumbent, Tom DiNapoli, while 37% say they would cast their ballot for Spitzer. 14% are unsure.

How does Spitzer fare against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate?  Gillibrand garners a majority — 57% — while the former governor takes home 29%.  14% are unsure.

Even if Spitzer were to achieve his party’s nomination for U.S. Senate, he would not win the ultimate prize when paired up against former New York Governor George Pataki.  Here, 58% of the statewide electorate would back Pataki compared with one-third who would vote for Spitzer.  Among Democrats, Spitzer squeaks out a slim majority of his own party — 52%.  However, Republicans would be more firmly behind their candidate, Pataki.  86% of New York’s GOP would support him.  61% of non-enrolled voters align with the GOP.

Table: Spitzer to Run for Statewide Office?
Table: 2010 Democratic Primary for NYS Governor — Paterson/Spitzer
Table: 2010 Democratic Primary for NYS Comptroller — DiNapoli/Spiter
Table: 2010 Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate — Gillibrand/Spitzer
Table: 2010 U.S. Senate — Spitzer/Pataki

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