8/8: NYC’s Smoking Ban is Good in Theory

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

It’s been a couple of months since New York City legally snuffed out smoking in public parks, plazas, and beaches.  So, what do New York City residents think of the outdoor ban?  Nearly seven in ten adults citywide — 69% — think the ban is a good idea, 26% report it is a bad one, and 4% are unsure.

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Not quite one in five New York City residents say they are smokers and not surprisingly, many have a different view.  59% believe prohibiting smoking in outdoor public places is a bad idea while 40% of those who light up favor the ban.  Just 1% is unsure.

However, Big Apple residents divide over whether or not the outdoor smoking ban is working.  45% believe it is mostly working while 41% say it is not.  14% are unsure.  Among smokers, a majority — 56% — classify the law as a failure while 35% rate it as a success.  Eight percent are unsure.

“Most New Yorkers like the ban on smoking, but aren’t convinced it’s working,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “But, despite a lack of consensus about its effectiveness, they would recommend it to other cities.”

Key Findings:

  • Gender differences exist.  While 77% of women in New York City think the outdoor smoking ban is a good idea, fewer men — 61% — share this view.
  • Looking at the impact of the outdoor smoking ban, 56% of adults in New York City report they have not been affected at all by the legislation.  About one-third — 33% — say they have been impacted in a good way while 10% think it has negatively affected them.
  • When it comes to the impact on smokers, half — 50% — say they haven’t been affected at all by the ban.  34% believe it has affected them in a bad way while 16% report it has had a positive affect on them.
  • Would New Yorkers recommend an outdoor smoking ban to other cities or communities? 64% of adults citywide would, 30% would not, and 6% are unsure.
  • 63% of smokers would not recommend the outdoor smoking ban to other communities.  35% would, and 2% are unsure.

Table: Is New York City’s Outdoor Smoking Ban a Good Idea or a Bad Idea?
Table: Is New York City’s Outdoor Smoking Ban Working or Not Working?
Table: Personal Impact of the Outdoor Smoking Ban
Table: Recommend Smoking Ban to Other Cities or Communities?

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