8/23: Acting Most Popular “Dream Job” Among Americans

If Americans could ignore the daily grind of the work day and do a job relatively few people get to do, which profession would they call their “dream job?”  Nearly one-third of U.S. residents — 32% — say they would like to be an actor or an actress.  Following closely behind are 29% who dream of becoming a professional athlete.  13% report they would like to list 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as their working address and be President of the United States.  An additional 13% say they could see themselves as a rock star.  13% are unsure.



Those in the Northeast and South are among those most likely to want to take to the stage or screen.  Acting is also the most popular dream job among those who earn less than $50,000 annually, Americans 18 to 29, those 45 to 59, and women.

Professional sports top the list for those in the Midwest and West, Americans who make $50,000 or more a year, residents 30 to 44, those 60 and older, and men.

Table: Dream Job

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