7/21: Fashion Forward?

Coco Chanel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dior, Anna Wintour, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada: the list goes on.  These influential names and brands in fashion are familiar to many Americans.  Because we are familiar with these names, does it mean we are too focused on fashion? Many Americans, 68%, think we focus too much on fashion, while one quarter, 26%, say that the attention is about right.  Only 7% believe fashion deserves more consideration.  However, a majority, 55%, also say how they dress is an important part of who they are.  Fewer Americans, 45%, report that choosing their outfit isn’t something they think about.

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Does style need to come with a couture price tag? Most Americans say it does not.  More than eight in ten Americans, 86%, say it’s possible to be stylish on a limited budget, while only 14% believe good fashion is just for those with a lot of money.  But, while great style may not need to break the bank, many Americans, 65%, believe that fashion communicates status and divides people into social classes.  Far fewer, 35%, disagree.

Aside from money, does fashion also require as much creativity as playing a musical instrument or painting a picture? Here, Americans divide.  Just over half, 53%, of Americans say it doesn’t but 47% believe good style calls for creative thinking.  Although putting an outfit together may call for creativity there are pressures to fit in.  While a majority of Americans, 57%, believe someone who dresses very differently than most people is stylish, a notable proportion, 35%, say they’re strange.

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