6/9: Majority in Congressional District Don’t Want Resignation

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

As more salacious details about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal are revealed, politicians from both parties are calling for his resignation, but his constituents don’t agree.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

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According to this NY1-Marist Poll, a majority of registered voters in New York’s 9th Congressional District — 56% — do not think Anthony Weiner should resign from Congress.  However, one-third — 33% — believe he should, and 12% are unsure.

“Congressman Weiner’s constituents are drawing a line between his ethical conduct and professional judgment.  The bottom line: they’re still in his corner on the question of resignation,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “As for his re-election prospects, that’s still very much up in the air.”

Judgment is at the heart of the question.  Voters are weighing in on the line between his private life and his public responsibilities.  46% of adults in Congressman Weiner’s district view the scandal as solely a lapse in personal judgment.  10% think it brings into question primarily his professional judgment.  29% are not confident in either his personal or professional judgment.  15% do not see this as an issue of judgment.

When it comes to the legality of the congressman’s online actions, nearly three in four adults in the 9th district — 73% — believe the congressman acted unethically but not illegally.  11% say he behaved illegally while 9% report he did nothing wrong.  Seven percent are unsure.

Voters in the congressman’s district, however, are torn about how effective he will be in carrying out his duties in Congress if he doesn’t step down.  While nearly half of voters — 48% — say Congressman Weiner will be effective, 43% report he will not be.  Included in those who believe the congressman will carry out his duties well are 11% who say he will be very effective and 37% who believe he will be effective.  In contrast, 28% say the congressman will not be very effective, and 15% have no confidence in his ability to effectively serve his constituents in light of this scandal.  Nine percent are unsure.

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner Resignation?  (New York’s 9th Congressional District)

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Judgment

Table: Views on Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Actions (New York’s 9th Congressional District)

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Effectiveness in Congress

Anthony Weiner’s Electoral Future Hangs in the Balance

If Anthony Weiner runs for re-election in 2012, voters are taking a wait and see approach.  While 31% of the congressman’s constituents say they would definitely vote against Anthony Weiner, 30% report they will definitely vote for him, and a notable 38% are undecided.

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Electability

Anthony Weiner Approval Rating at 44%… Favorability Low

When it comes to the job Anthony Weiner is doing in Congress, 44% approve.  This includes 12% who think he is doing an excellent job in office and 32% who report his is doing a good one.  More than one in five — 22% — give the congressman fair marks while 16% rate him poorly.  17% are unsure how to rate Anthony Weiner, and 2% have never heard of him.

When it comes to Anthony Weiner’s favorability, 42% have an unfavorable impression of him while 38% view him favorably.  One in five — 20% — are unsure.

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Job Approval Rating

Table: Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Favorability

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