6/30: Paterson’s Approval Rating Still in the Tank

The news for Governor David Paterson remains grim.  The governor’s approval rating is an abysmal 21%, and with the New York State Senate in disarray, nearly half of the state’s electorate says they disapprove of the way in which the governor is handling the situation while 43% approve.  To make matters even worse, more than six in ten registered voters disapprove of the way Paterson is dealing with the state’s economic crisis.

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NY Gov. David Paterson (Courtesy NY State)

How bad is Governor Paterson’s political situation?  The answer is pretty bad.  According to The Marist Poll’s new statewide survey, about one in five registered voters in New York — 21% — report that Governor Paterson is doing either an excellent or good job in office.  Voters’ view of the governor’s job performance is little changed since The Marist Poll last asked this question in May.  At that time, 19% of voters gave Paterson’s job performance above average marks.  And, the governor still does not receive affirmation from a major share of voters within his own party.  However, he has received a slight bump among Democrats in New York State.  28% believe Governor Paterson is doing an excellent or good job in office.  This compares with the 22% of Democrats he received in May.

Table: Paterson Approval Rating

Paterson’s Image Still Muddied: Leadership Skills Questioned…Half Disapprove of Handling of NYS Senate Situation

So, just what do registered voters in New York State think of Governor David Paterson?  Overall, a majority of the electorate perceives the governor as a weak leader.  65% of voters say he is not a good leader for the state while 31% disagree.  Much like Paterson’s approval rating, the governor’s leadership rating has stagnated since Marist’s May survey.

The chaos in the New York State Senate has not helped Governor Paterson’s image.  Nearly half of voters disapprove of the way in which Paterson is handling the situation while 43% believe he is dealing with it appropriately.  Members of Paterson’s own party are divided over the governor’s approach.  47% of Democrats approve while 45% disapprove.  60% of Republicans say Paterson should be handling the matter differently.  There is a slight difference of opinion among voters in different regions of the state.  While nearly half of voters in New York City and a majority of those in the suburbs disapprove of how Governor Paterson is addressing the situation in the State Senate, voters Upstate divide.  48% of these voters would like a different course of action taken while 46% approve of Paterson’s methods.  Looking at the way things work, in general, in Albany, 68% say Governor Paterson is not changing government in Albany for the better while 27% think he is.  Governor Paterson received similar marks on this question back in May.

The state’s economic situation is still a major issue facing Governor Paterson, and voters say they are not satisfied with how he is managing it.  61% of the electorate disapproves of the governor’s attempts to address the economic crisis while 31% approve.  This is a slight improvement since May when 68% of voters disapproved of how the governor was dealing with the state’s economic crisis.

Is Paterson perceived as a governor who cares about the average person?  Voters are currently divided with 47% who agree with the statement that Paterson cares about people like them and 47% who disagree.  Paterson has slightly improved in this area.  Two months ago, a majority of New York State voters — 51% — reported the governor is not in tune with voters.

Table: Paterson is a Good Leader for NYS

Table: Paterson’s Handling of NY Senate Situation

Table: Paterson Is Changing the Way Things Work In Albany for the Better

Table: Paterson Handling Economic Crisis

Table: Paterson Cares About People Like You

Charter a New Course…Nearly Three-Quarters Say NY State Moving in the Wrong Direction

74% of registered voters in New York State are not optimistic about where the state is going.  This compares with 21% who believe things in the Empire State are moving along the right track.  Voters’ view of the state’s status has gotten dimmer.  In Marist’s May survey, 27% had a positive outlook on the state’s direction, and 67% thought the state was moving along the wrong path.

Table: NYS Direction Table

Marist Poll Methodology

Lee Miringoff discusses the effect the Albany unrest is having on David Paterson and other New York politicians:

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