5/27: About Four in Ten Prefer Dentist’s Visit to Swimsuit Shopping

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer which means one thing — bathing suit season.  And, just the thought of squeezing into those skimpy garments strikes fear in the hearts of a good amount of Americans.

woman on beach with umbrella


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According to this national Marist Poll, although a majority of residents — 55% — would rather shop for a bathing suit than visit the dentist, a sizeable proportion — 41% — would prefer to take a trip to their dentist.  Four percent are unsure.

Women are more reluctant than men to shop for a swimsuit.  A slim majority of women — 51% — would prefer to rummage through racks of swimsuits while 44% say they would rather sit in the dentist’s chair.  Five percent are unsure.  Among men, 59% think shopping for a bathing suit is the lesser of two evils while 38% believe going to the dentist is.  Three percent can’t choose.

Looking at age, 59% of residents younger than 45 years old choose purchasing a swimsuit over going to the dentist while 39% select the opposite.  Two percent are unsure.  52% of those 45 and older report they would prefer to shop for a bathing suit while 43% say they would rather visit the dentist.  Five percent can’t decide between the two.

Table: Bathing Suit Shopping vs. Going to the Dentist

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