5/11: Schumer Approval Rating at 50%

Half of the New York State electorate approves of the job Senator Chuck Schumer is doing.  This includes 14% who believe he is doing an excellent job and 36% who say he is doing a good job.  31% rate Schumer’s performance as fair, and 16% think he is doing poorly in his role.  3% are unsure.

Sen. Chuck Schumer

Sen. Chuck Schumer

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When Marist last asked about Schumer’s job performance in its March 29th survey, he received similar ratings.  51% thought he was doing either an excellent or good job in office.  28% reported he was doing fairly well, and 17% believed he was doing poorly.  4% were unsure.

Table: Schumer Approval Rating
Table: Schumer Approval Rating Over Time

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Schumer Leads Townsend

In case you haven’t noticed, New York’s senior senator will face voters this fall, and despite his approval rating of just 50%, Schumer is far ahead of his competition.  Political consultant Jay Townsend recently announced he will oppose Schumer in November’s race.

If the election were held today, Schumer would receive 66% of New York’s registered voters while Townsend would garner the support of 27%.  7% of voters are unsure.

Overwhelmingly, Democrats are pulling for Schumer with 87% saying they will support him and just 6% reporting they are behind his Republican challenger.  And, while Townsend receives the backing of a majority — 53% — of Republicans, 41% of the state’s GOP are in Schumer’s corner.  Looking at non-enrolled voters statewide, nearly six in ten — 59% — want Schumer to remain in office while 34% want Townsend to replace him.

Table: 2010 Schumer/Townsend Matchup

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