3/30: More Yanks than Mets Fans in NYC

NY1/Marist New York City Poll

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is tomorrow!  So, to whom do New York City baseball fans pledge their allegiance?  According to this NY1-Marist Poll, more than six in ten baseball fans citywide — 61% — cheer for the Bronx Bombers while 30% root for the Metropolitans.  Nine percent support neither team.

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Have the Yankees and Mets done enough in the pre-season to improve their teams?  It depends.  A majority of baseball fans — 52% — say the Yankees have done just the right amount to make their team stronger.  More than one in five — 22% — report they have done too little, and 17% say they have gone overboard.  Nine percent are unsure.  54% of Yankees fans say the team has taken the appropriate steps to make the Bombers a better team, and another 15% say they have gone above and beyond.

However, the Mets are a different story.  Nearly six in ten New York City baseball fans — 59% — believe the Mets have done too little during the off-season to improve the team.  22% say they have done the right amount while just 5% think the Mets have done too much.  14% are unsure.  69% of Mets fans say their team fell short in their off-season preparations.

Table: Mets Fan or Yankees Fan
Table: Off-season Preparations: Yankees
Table: Off-season Preparations: Mets

World Series What If?  Yankees vs. Phillies …  Mets vs. Red Sox

The Yankees and Mets are cross town rivals, but each team has their own out of town nemesis.  Would Yankees fans root for the Mets or the Red Sox if the two faced off in the World Series?  Most Yankees fans have a greater dislike of the Red Sox.  83% would want to see the Mets take down the Red Sox.  14%, on the other hand, say they would cheer for the Red Sox over the Mets.   Three percent would not support either team.

When it comes to a Yankees-Phillies World Series matchup, about six in ten Mets fans — 61% — would back the Yanks.  However, a notable 34% would root for the Phillies.  Four percent would not cheer on either team.

Table: Mets/Red Sox World Series
Table: Yankees/Phillies World Series

Wilpon Family Scandal … Distraction for the Mets?

For the Mets to make it to the post-season, their focus needs to be on the field.  But, 53% of Mets fans think the financial troubles and lawsuit facing the team’s owners, the Wilpon family, will distract the team.  46% don’t think it will.  Only one percent of Mets fans are unsure.

Table: Wilpon Scandal – Distraction for the Mets?

Ticket Prices Strike Out

Nearly three in four baseball fans in New York City — 73% — don’t think the price of a Major League Baseball ticket is a good value for the money.  23% disagree and say that tickets are worth the price of admission.  Just 4% are unsure.

Mets fans — 82% — are more likely than Yankees fans — 69% — to think attendees don’t get a good bang for their buck when they attend a Major League Baseball game.

Table: Ticket Value

Take Me Out to the Ballgame?

When it comes to attending a Major League Baseball game this season, about one-third of New York City baseball fans — 34% — report they will attend the same amount of games they did last year.  14% will go to more games, and 10% will attend fewer games.  41% did not venture out to a stadium last year.

Table: More or Less Games than Last Year

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