Interest in Baseball Declines, March 2018

Marist National Poll

The proportion of Americans who say they are baseball fans matches its lowest in nearly ten years. 44% of Americans currently say they watch baseball a great deal (7%), good amount (8%), or a little (29%). A majority (56%) do not watch America’s so-called pastime at all. The proportion of baseball fans is down from 50% in April 2016. In 2009, 44% of U.S. residents were baseball fans.

Older Americans (51% of those age 45 or older) are more likely than younger Americans (37% of those under the age of 45) to say they are baseball fans. Racial differences are also present. 48% of white Americans and 43% of Latinos, compared with 35% of African Americans, say they are fans.

Americans who live in the Northeast (52%) and Midwest (51%) are more likely than those in the South (39%) and West (39%) to call themselves baseball fans.

More than two-thirds of baseball fans nationally (67%) think the proposed rule change by Major League Baseball to start extra innings with a runner on second base is a bad idea. 17% believe it is a good idea, and 16% are unsure.

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