2/4: “Somebody Has to Lose…” Reeeaaalllly?

With just days until Super Bowl Sunday, many Americans are gearing up for the big game, but they’re also sending a message to sportscasters, “Stop using annoying phrases!”

football wearing headset


“I’m sure the CBS Sports team will do an excellent job of announcing the game, but they might dodge a few eye rolls if they avoid these commonly used phrases,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

Which cliché do Super Bowl watchers think is the most irritating? “It’s too bad somebody has to lose” tops the list with 36%.  20% cringe when they hear, “They’ll have to treat this just like any other game.”  “That’s a costly turnover” follows closely with 18%.  And, rounding out the top five are, “It all depends on where they spot the ball,” with 14% and “He’d like to have that one back” with 12%.

Will most Americans be keeping an ear out for phrases like these on Sunday?  There’s a good chance.  69% say they plan on watching at least some of the big game.  This includes 37% who say they are going to tune in for all of the game, 8% who report they will watch most of it, and 24% who will tune in for some of it.  31% have other plans and aren’t going to watch.

Table: Most Annoying Super Bowl Cliches
Table: Amount of Super Bowl Viewing

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