12/21: Re-Gifting Practiced by More Than One-Fifth of Americans

There’s a good chance this holiday season that the present you unwrap is the gift that keeps on giving.  Although 77% of U.S. residents say they do not re-gift holiday presents, a notable proportion – 23% — have no problem giving a gift that they’ve received to someone else.



There is an age gap on this question.  Younger Americans are more likely to re-gift holiday presents.  36% of those 18 to 29 years old pass along a previous present while 27% of those 30 to 44 admit to doing the same.  Nearly one-fifth of Americans age 45 to 59 re-gift as do 17% of those 60 and older. The practice also occurs more frequently in the Northeast than in other parts of the country.  Four in ten residents in the Northeast re-gift compared with 20% in the South, 20% in the West, and 17% in the Midwest. Table: Do You Re-Gift? Wine Tops List of Re-Gifted Gifts Be wary the next time someone wraps up a bottle of wine and gives it to you as a gift!  27% of residents nationally report wine to be the item they’d most likely re-gift.  22% would re-wrap that festive fruitcake, and 18% say a candle would top their list of gifts to re-purpose.  A glass dish and candy receive 15% and 11%, respectively. Table: Most Re-Gifted Present

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