10/28: Pigskin Prognostications…No Clear Super Bowl Pick

Super Bowl Sunday may be months away, but that doesn’t mean football fans don’t have their fair share of early predictions.  But, is one team the runaway favorite?

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13% of football fans think Brett Favre will lead the Minnesota Vikings to victory while 10% say Peyton Manning and the Colts will be the last team standing in February.  Younger brother, Eli Manning, and the Giants are the pick of 9% of football fans.  An additional 9% of armchair quarterbacks expect Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers to repeat.  8% think Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will reign supreme.

But, do Americans suffer from football fever?  There’s little question that about one-fifth do.  21% of the population report they follow professional football a great deal.  17% profess to watching professional football a good amount while 28% watch it a little.  34% report they don’t watch the sport at all.

Table: 2010 Super Bowl Picks
Table: Football Fans

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