10/1: Majority of Americans College Football Fans

54% of U.S. residents are college football fans.  This includes 12% who watch college football a great deal, 10% who enjoy a good amount of it, and 32% who say they follow it a little.  46% do not watch college football at all.



Men, residents who earn $50,000 or more annually, and those in the Midwest, West, and South are those who are most likely to be college football fans.

Americans, however, are more inclined to be professional football fans than college football fans.  More than two-thirds of U.S. residents — 68% — tune into the NFL at least a little bit.  This includes 20% who watch the sport a great deal, 16% who follow it a good amount, and 32% who catch it a little.  32% do not watch it all.

Although there is little difference among geographic regions, men and Americans younger than 45 years old are more likely to be professional football fans.

Is there an overlap in the proportion of U.S. residents who watch both professional football and college football?  Yes.  Nearly half of Americans — 49% — watch both NFL and college football.  The proportion who watches just professional football outnumbers those who tune into just college football.  Nearly one in five — 19% — check out only the pros tossing the pigskin around while only 5% follow just college teams.  More than one in four residents — 27% — do not watch either professional or college football.

Table: College Football Fans
Table: Professional Football Fans
Table: NFL vs. College Football Watchers

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