NPR/Marist National Poll: Biden & Economic Stimulus, December 2021

NPR/Marist National Poll: Biden & Economic Stimulus, December 2021

From the $1,400 stimulus checks early in the year through the child tax credits and recently passed infrastructure bill, Americans see Democratic programs to stimulate the economy through both partisan and practical lenses. Democrats and those who’ve benefited are most enthusiastic – most others, not so much. And a quarter of Americans don’t seem to know enough about the still in-the-works Build Back Better plan to have an opinion of it.

Dec 03, 2021

American Inflation & Self Defense Laws

With America’s inflation rate on the rise and Biden’s approval rating on the decline, we're looking outward to see how other countries and world leaders are faring in comparison. Then, the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal and the convictions in the Ahmaud Arbery trials, both on the claims of self-defense, raise a bigger question: have we moved from talking about gun control to how legal it should be for civilians to kill other civilians?

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